Absolute Radio Gold: The Session with Christian James Hand.

Track-by-track breakdowns of some of your favorite hits.

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Ever heard of Christian James Hand?

If you haven’t, its okay, cause I barely heard about Christian last year after hearing “The Session” one morning while listening to the Frosty, Heidi & Frank show on 95.5 KLOS. I was running late for a business meeting that day and and the bluetooth in my truck stopped working that same morning. Awesome, not really, but what was awesome is the fact that I turned the radio on and heard an isolated drum track. I instantly got curious. Why was I listening to a drum part like I was sitting in a studio? I was confused and bewildred.

Then I heard a voice go “Ooomphh.”

At this point, a conversation breaks out regarding the drummer and even though I was aware that I was listening to a radio show, I was still confused as to what was actually happening. Five more minutes go by and I finally started to hear the guitar track. It was the unmistakable lead guitar melody of “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen.

Simply majestic.

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Christian was breaking down the song, track-by-track.

This is obviously not the first time I’ve heard isolated tracks but something about the way Christian breaks them down that make them real fun.

I have a certain affinity of hearing real tracks as you get to hear the talent behind the sound. It’s a very interesting look inside the best recordings of some of the planet’s most talented bands, artists and musicians. To hear the song being broken down track-by-track is quite the musical trip. It creates a different perspective of the song, especially when you hear melodies, mistakes, instruments, effects, handclaps and whatnot in the mix but not so much in the final mix, which is what you hear on the radio. It made for quite an entertaining drive to my destination.

But of course, I went into the business meeting and had to do some heavy lifting afterwards and the show ended up slipping through my mind.

Months later, I get reminded about the show as a colleague reveals to me that she went to a live show of Christian’s and had a great time. She went to the Doobie Brother’s/Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern fried set held at LACM:Los Angeles College of Music. She said it was even more amazing live cause you can really hear the individual tracks loud and clear. I believe it!


I have now binged on back to back sessions on playback at The KLOSS Sessions and plan on catching the live sessions soon. I personally love the Van Halen business!

It is so good!

Here are some of my favorites:

You can get more info regarding Christian, the Session and his live sessions, check out The Session.

Which ones were you’re favorite? Hit me in the comments below!