Got Laid Off Rockstar? Do These Next

Did you recently get laid-off? Here's some tips on what to do next.

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And that day finally came. The day that you thought would never come but now it’s here, in your face and it’s totally happening. It’s unsettling, it’s giving you anxiety, it’s completely overwhelming, it’s…life is over.

The day that I speak of is the day you get laid-off or fired from a job, project or work.

I remember the first time I was laid-off. I didn’t understand, couldn’t wrap my head around it and all just seemed like a complete let down of the work that I did for the company. I felt betrayed, lost and started to forward think everything to it’s worst scenario and increasingly became frustrated, angry and sad, all at the same time. It felt like being stomped by the universe, making you feel worthless. How was I to pay the bills? Do I have to move back in with mom? It sucks to the point of tears.

But what I found out after a few days was, everything was going to be okay.

I was young, completely naive and didn’t understand the business model and why it runs the way it does. Fast forward to a few jobs later and I’m now completely versed in the ways of running a successful business, after running my own. Unfortunately, lay-offs are a necessary evil sometimes in order for a company to scale or survive, and this is the cutthroat part of living someone else’s dream. Call it a restructure, re-rganization or reduction, jobs are not safe and are first to go, plain and simple.

But I digress, as I know, getting let go from a job, never, ever feels good. It feels shitty and that’s saying it nicely.

But instead of crawling yourself into a bottle, crying because all feels lost or thinking that life is not worth living, do these 5 things instead and get back into focus and get back in the game.


The first few days are certainly the hardest part of the process as many thoughts, questions and worries cloud your mind. After being part of the daily grind for a while, not being part of it kind of makes you anxious. You’re constantly checking your phone, emails and mailbox for anything, something. Take a deep breathe. The next few weeks will present a different outlook and even though you might’ve actually liked/loved your old job, you now see what you didn’t like about it and that’s helpful information when searching for the next gig. Take advantage of the time and revitalize yourself. Go ahead and take advantage of opportunities as well such as freelance work but take your time, get sufficient rest and take things in stride.

That Was Not Your Dream Job But What Is?

What is the definition of a dream job? After getting laid off, this question popped in my head. I thought I really knew what the answer was to this question but after taking a step back and thinking about it, it was apparent that I did not know the answer to the question at all. After a few weeks of job hunting, I realized that my idea of a dream job may not be in line as to what the reality is of my situation, sad to say, but time was fast running out before I started to really budget. So instead, I split a paper down the center and started writing what I wanted for my next job and what I didn’t. This allowed me to fully focus on the next gig and aim for a gig that closely resembled most of the parts on the “like” part of the page. Dream job, re-imagined.

Process Your Feelings and Re-Start

This is a big one. Try not to move onto something else until you’ve processed your feelings. You can never fully immerse yourself in a new project and give your 100% if you’re still feeling some type of way towards your old job or something that transpired with an old project. You must let it go and re-start before you get depressed. Re-start yourself and try not to dig deep into thinking of the negative things that led to you being laid off. Instead, re-start and think about all of the new opportunites, projects, and jobs that will come your way and how you’ll present yourself or what steps to take next. Re-starting will have you thinking clearly and feeling fresh.

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Reach Out and Network

That word, network. I know, people. You have to talk to people, ugh. I get it, I totally get it. But here’s the part you’re not getting, time’s running out before those bills pile up and an eviction notice is posted at your door. Be real. It’s time to reach out and network! I never did say to meet up with weirdos or strangers. What I am saying is, to give old co-workers, bosses, groups, classmates, family members, community members and anyone and everyone that maybe able to give you a hand in finding the next dream job. You’ll find that re-connecting with people actually fulfills the soul and if one friend pulls through and hooks you up with the dream job, wouldn’t you be glad that you reached out and found time to re-connect? Bet you would.

It’s a Blessing In Disguise, Time to Try Out Your Ideas

You ever hear the phrase “Do you?” This phrase became a daily phrase I thought of and practiced. As a result, it led me to one of my greatest journeys in building a successful rock magazine from the ground up and pushed me to express my most inner feelings when songwriting for my band. We all have ideas about getting rich or wealthy. But some of us actually have an idea that will make you rich and wealthy but how will you ever know if you don’t take a risk and try out your idea(s)? This could be the blessing in disguise that you’ve been praying for. This could be the financial freedom you’ve dreamed of. Take the risk and give your idea a chance. Do you. Maybe this is the moment where everything changes!

Other things to remember?

  • Get stuff off your computer
  • Get full details from HR
  • Check all unemployment benefits and begin paperwork
  • It’s business and it’s unforgiving