A Bird Pooped On Me. Is It Good Luck?

Have you ever been pooped on by a bird?

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I know you’ve heard this before. If you haven’t, the belief goes, if you get pooped on by a bird, you will get good luck. Time and time again, from when I was a little boy to now, I hear this all the time but never stopped to think if it was actually true.

I’ve stopped. I’ve stopped to think about this because as fate would have it, I got pooped on by a bird the other day while I was watering grass in my backyard. So now, it’s got me thinking. It’s got me thinking if it’s actually true.

I mean I have to be honest, I’m not the luckiest nor am I the unluckiest guy.

I’ll tell you though, I’ve always searched for a connection but have never found a connection to having or not having good luck. It always seemed more of a right time and place kind of thing, rather than good or bad luck. It’s more of an occurrence in my opinion.

For example, if a poisonous snake bit you, you would proceed right away to thinking it’s bad luck. But on the contrary, if it didn’t bite you, you automatically think it’s good luck. But is it?

Now let me throw a wrench in it. If you found something that looked of value, brought it home, shined it up and took some time to find out if it was worth what you thought it should be but actually was not, would you consider that good luck? No. You’d probably consider it worthless.

So for me, it’s more of the occurrences that happen before, during and after that make it good or bad luck.

It’s not loss on me that getting pooped on by a bird is more rare than winning the lottery. I repeat, it is not lost on me. I’ve also heard this since I was a child and really have only witnessed two people get pooped on by birds. But what’s also not lost on me is, getting hit by lightning is the most rare. Surviving one is at half-odds. So it’s not lost on me, but it doesn’t convince me.

So again, for me, it’s about occurrences, not good or bad luck…but the moment I stop typing, I’m heading to the liquor store, buying a lottery ticket, a scratcher and will definitely do something that involves finance. Again, it’s not lost on me, the occurrences, that is. Take cover.