10 Best Resources for Beginning Guitar Players

If you are at the beginning of your guitar playing journey, these ten sites will help give you a major boost.

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Learning how to play the guitar is a lot of work. It’s also a lot of fun but the fun comes after when you are actually playing the guitar comfortably without hesitation or refrain. There will come a time, if you keep learning, where that moment will come, trust me. Unfortunately though, for some, they won’t make it to see that moment.

But for the others that are striving to become a great guitar player, the beginning is the most difficult part as there are a ton of things to learn, exercise, practice and try. Hell, just trying to figure out which style of guitar playing you want to learn is a whole guide by itself. Don’t even get me started on how to choose a pick.

With all of the things needed that beginning guitar players need to learn, there’s also that many sites to peruse through. Sure, you’ve probably got the time to do so but for others that have a full day of work/life balance, the luxury of perusing through articles, site by site, can get real tedious…to the point that you will be offput. I hope this is not your case and probably is not if you’re reading this right now. Good for you! Turn that TV off.

After reading through and gauging a boat load of beginning guitar tips and advice, I decided to feature these ten sites (I know there’s more!) as I saw the most value in them for the beginning guitar player. These articles are full of knowledge, tips and tricks to help get guitar skills up to speed. Even if you already know, you might just learn a thing or two from one of these sites.

Here they are:

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As I previously mentioned, there are more sites. But these ten sites should definitely get you on your way to better guitar playing, especially for beginners. There’s a lot to learn from these sites and I hope you get to pick up knowledge that you previously never knew before that can help bring your skills up. The article above that has “good technique” in the title is one of the articles you should check out. Technique is everything!

I hope you found this article helpful and found the links to be helpful as well. I know and remember how hard it is to begin and work through all of the guitar so I know that any help is appreciated. It’s never easy in the beginning but always so much fun once you master the guitar.

Any other sites helped you beginner? List them below.