3 Essential Scale Patterns for Beginners

You must learn the essentials before you can actually rock.

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The beginner guitar player must have a lots of patience and curiosity. Aside from being already hungry to actually learn how to play the guitar correctly, patience and curiosity can go a long way in keeping the beginner interested in the process. The actual process is actually not easy. Don’t be surprised. Truth is, there is no quick track to learning how to play guitar. So if you are reading this and you are a beginner, don’t be discouraged. Take it as truth, move on and get to work. The beginner must put in quality time and practice in discipline. I’ll talk about how to actually practice in another article, cause it deserves it’s own article because of the way practice should be done.

I’ve gone ahead and chosen three essential blues scales for beginners. These are the same scales I started with and still practice til today. These three scales helped me understand why scales are not only important, but essential to any guitar players arsenal of skills. But before you get crankin’, here are some fast rules:

• Start slow and progress from there. • Practice with a metronome. Pick a tempo that you’re comfortable with and try the scale. Bump up the metronome count when you feel that you have mastered the tempo you first chose. Keep bumping the metronome count up until you get to your desired speed. • Keep in mind that you must pick each note cleanly without any snags. You’re only cheating yourself if you move up in speed without making sure that you are accurately picking each note. Speed will come later, concentrate on clean picking. • Make sure you are picking the strings over/under and not just over (the string). This is key to picking neatly and gaining speed.

Blues Scale

Blues Scale (Em)

Pentantonic 5 (A)

And there you have it. There are tons of scales you could learn and I encourage you to learn as many as you can because not all scales are equal. What I actually mean is, some scales will not work with some songs due to a number of reasons like the key of the song and variations of said song. But these three that i have provided are the same ones that got me on track and I believe it’ll also get you on track. These scales are essential as you can almost play a simple solo using these scales, with minor changes.

Get familiarized with these scales. Move them up and down the fretboard. Reverse them. Play with them. Create with them.

Remember, you must learn the essentials before you can actually rock.