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When I was learning how to master the guitar, there was a lot of exploring, reading and obstacles. Mind you, the Internet didn’t exist back then so fetching for info was simply not as easy. But fortunately, the same wisdom that I gathered from studies, classes, musicians, magazines, tv and wherever else I could learn from, is pretty much the same wisdom that is being passed on to the young guitarists of today.

Some of that wisdom learned after the intial thoughts are hacks.

Guitar hacks arose from the needs of guitarists. Back in the day, instead of searching for an answer, people implemented, created, invented their own “hacks” to accomplish what it was they were trying to do or get out of the guitar. Refined many years later, these guitar hacks are now widely used in popular music.

These 10 hacks that I provide for you come from my back pocket. Sure, others may already know these hacks, have tried or incorporate them already but I guarantee that there is 1-3 that you’ve not ever read, heard or done before. It comes from my expertise and experience as a live performer, recording artist and studio musician.

The hacks range from solo recording tips, practice tips and a DIY capo!

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