What's In Your Bag Guitar Player?

Ever wonder what that guitar player has in his bag? If you're like me, then the answer is yes.

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Say fella, what you got in the bag?

When I was young, I always used to wonder what my favorite rock guitarists had in their bag. No, not just their gear/gig/accessory bag, their actual travel bag. That does sound strange? It probably does but nevertheless, I used to obsess about what could be in their bags. What pedals? Drugs? Alcohol? Extra strings and picks and how many? Sex toys? a harmonica? What!? What did they carry with them? It was endless thinking and I loved it. Also, don’t forget, there was no internet when I was growing up so magazines, books and videos was all I had to go on.

At first it was literally just obsessing about their gear bags but after getting into some articles, videos and whatever info I could get my hands on, my obsession went further into their actual travel bags. After hearing and reading all sorts of stories about rockstar antics, quirks, obessions, demands, things they can’t live without or most important thing they carry while on tour, I became super fascinated about their actual travel bag. At this point, I started to look into my own gear bag and travel bag.

I’m sure I’m not alone with this curiosity.

So for years, I obsessed about guitarists gear bags, from famous rockstars to circuit players to regular ol’ joe’s. I casually asked guitarists some of these curious questions I had and funny enough, guitarists were either generously game, confused or simply perplexed. The ones that were generally game to answer my questions naturally showed me waht they had and even explained how they had it wired and why. Then I got confused ones that would start to show me some of the gear they had and what they had in the bag, only to zip it all up and then start prodding me why I was asking them these questions. Then you had the ones that got perplexed at the first question/request and naturally fought it all off until I eventually just raised my arms up and left. Two of these people later came to me and told me that they thought I was trying to steal the tricks out of their bag or find ways to learn a secret or two.

Nope, not I. I was really just curious to see what they carried in their bags.

Unfortunately, I did not get any names or band names for that matter on who’s item belongs to which bag or any of the specific brands, how much the cost was or if there are any patterns. I started asking questions out of curiosity, never imagining that I would write about it years later. Well, I’m writing it now. So, apologies to you reader as I don’t have any info as to which artist or band let me peek into their bag. Again, it was all for my healthy obsession with gear bags and guitar players travels bags. But lucky for you, some of these items, that weren’t previously readily available, can now be bought online through Amazon and other online music stores.

Anyhow, here were some of the obvious answers:

  • Deodorant
  • Effects pedals (wah, delay, volume, noise gate, processor, overdrive)
  • Warm clothing
  • Backup amp
  • Toiletries (Toothpaste, toothbrush, floss)
  • Backup items (strings, picks, straps, pickups, capos)
  • Tools (drill, screwdriver, flathead, sodering kit, wire cutters)
  • Clothing (socks, undies, shirts, jeans)
  • Shaver/trimmer
  • Computer/cell phone/accessories (laptop, cell, charger, cables, wi-fi finder, apps)

Here are some answers that I wasn’t expecting:

Here’s some of the things that I currently have in my bag:

What’s in your bag? I’d love to hear it! Comment it up!